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Aerial Yin Yoga

Event Details

Stretch & relax your connective tissue

Cathy will guide you in this deeply relaxing 2-hour workshop. We will practice one hour of yin yoga postures on the mat, then take those posed into the hammocks for a unique experience during the second hour.
What is Yin Yoga?
Yin Yoga emphasizes deep stretches that open and realign the connective tissues of the body. The poses are approached in a passive manner to allow the body to soften, relax and release in it’s own time. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes each, cultivating a peaceful and meditative experience through stillness and self-reflection.
Practicing these poses with the soft support of the aerial silk hammock takes this meditative experience to a whole new level. Our session will conclude with a guided relaxation in ‘cocoon’ pose, a restorative posture in which the student is enveloped by the swing with the feet elevated.
No prior aerial or yoga experience necessary. Limited space available and this workshop fills up fast, please enroll early to secure your spot.

What to bring?
Yoga mat & water

Cathy Brown, 500 RYT, Certified Master Aerial Trainer

$40/ person ($45 after 10/8)

to Sep 30

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