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Bhakti Flow Yoga Workshop

In this 2 hour live & virtual workshop we will explore what it means to practice Bhakti Yoga. Chris will guide you through a devotional practice to awaken your own divine identity.

The Sanskrit word bhakti is derived from the root bhaj, which means “divide, share, partake, participate, to belong to”. The term yoga literally means “union, yoke”, and in this context connotes a path or practice for “salvation, liberation”.

Together we will create a Sacred Space, Embody the Goddess in a Yoga Flow, Set Intentions, and Learn Devotional Chanting accompanied by the Harmonium. The workshop will end with a guided meditation invoking this ancient and rich philosophy.

This workshop is for both yoga teachers & students who are looking to enrich their own practice & teaching.

Please bring a photograph or artifact that you would like to place on our altar, as we devote our time together for our higher purpose.

Open to members and non-members. You can choose to attend in-person or virtually (via Zoom). *In-person spots are limited for social distancing and masks must be worn. Pre-registration is necessary. Virtual participants should download Zoom to the device they will use before the class. 30 minutes before the class begins, a unique link will be emailed so you can join the IRL group and instructor in the studio.


$35 per person when enrolled after 3/3
$30 per person when enrolled before 3/3
$25 per person for Annual + Autopay Members

Chris Glavin, 500-HR RYT + Certified Meditation Teacher


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