Trager® Intro Workshop for Massage Therapists

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Massage Therapists… How could your work with clients be easier and more playful?

Come learn the relaxing, rhythmic movements of the Trager® Approach that invite both you and your client to go deeper into relaxation during the session.

Trager is an experiential approach to movement education and mind/body integration. It uses both table work and self-directed movement explorations to influence the unconscious mind. Using the natural rhythms of the body’s weight and structure, a Trager therapist can help the client rediscover ease, freedom from restriction and fluidity of function.

During the table work portion of a Trager session, each part of the body gets gently rocked like a baby. These movements stay within what feels safe and pleasant for the client, enabling the mind to let go of habitual muscle holding patterns, resulting in long-lasting change. When you give a session, you are also receiving the rocking movements yourself! Body mechanics for the practitioner are an integral and valuable part of this class – you will learn to work with greater ease and alignment.

During this workshop you will:

  • learn the principles of the Trager® Approach
  • explore hands-on Trager table work, supine and prone, using body mechanics that create the greatest ease for the practitioner; special emphasis will be given to releasing the Psoas
  • discover Trager Mentastics® – gentle playful movements which increase body awareness, and explore comfortable movement. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own body as the workshop progresses!
  • laugh & have fun!


Sat 5/14, 1pm-6pm +
Sun 5/15, 10am-5:30pm


$150 if registered by Friday, 4/29;
$180 if registered after 4/29


** Please bring sheets and a pillow. Wear loose, comfortable clothing (jeans and spandex are not recommended.) Depending on enrollment, we may need extra tables if you can bring one.

Questions??? Call Judy Rose Seibert 240-688-2223.


Led by: Judy Rose Seibert, Trager Specialist at Dimitra Yoga

Originally trained in massage therapy, Judy Rose became captivated by the meditative movements and effectiveness of Trager® work. She has been a Trager® Practitioner since 1996 and has given over 10,000 Trager sessions! Judy Rose’s Trager expertise includes teaching dozens of Introductory workshops in the Washington DC area, and tutoring students training to be certified in the Trager® Approach. In 2014, she became certified as an Instructor of the professional certification program. Her passions are Trager®, native plant gardening, bird-watching, traveling to bird-watch, kayaking, bicycling, dance, singing with friends and teaching. Judy Rose holds a BS in Biological Science, and taught biological science at Sidwell Friends School in Washington, DC for eight years. She also taught swing dance and bellydance. Judy Rose loves anatomy; she is fascinated with the complexities & mystery of the human body/mind, and the new discoveries of neuroscience.


Video featuring Judy Rose:



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