Meditation: Developing a Home Practice – IRL + Virtual options!

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Want to learn the tools to meditate at home?

In this workshop, students will receive the tools needed to develop a daily at-home meditation practice. It is designed for all levels of practitioners, from those just beginning to those who have been practicing for some time and are looking to deepen an already established practice.

Traditionally, meditation is said to be the practice of bringing the mind to a single-pointed focus, whether that be an image, a sound, the breath, or a mantra. In this workshop, students will learn a simple, breath-centered meditation technique that can be practiced on its own or used as a foundation for more advanced practices, like japa, or mantra meditation. Students will learn the process of walking the body and mind toward the stillness of meditation using a simple, five-step meditation process that includes simple movement, relaxation, and breathing practices that come from the teachings and tradition of the Himalayan Institute.


The benefits of a regular meditation practice are, by now, well known to Western science and include:

Reducing the effects of chronic stress
Easing anxiety and depression
Reducing inflammation
Increasing mental focus and attention span
Promoting overall emotional wellbeing
Improving sleep hygiene


Choose to participate IRL or Virtually:

  • Option 1 – IRL (In Real Life!) at dimitraYOGA, Lewes, located at 17437 Ocean One Plaza, Suite 1. Space is limited, so please enroll early.
  • Option 2 – Virtual via Zoom. In this case, a link will be sent to your email about 30 minutes before the workshop begins. You will be able to see and hear our instructor but you will not be able to talk to them during the class. Need more instruction on how to attend via Zoom? Read more here:



$30 per person for Annual + Autopay Members

$35 per person for all others

Alex McKeone – 500-HR RYT + Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist + Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher


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