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Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. We are a living system of energy. When an imbalance occurs in part of the system, mechanisms within the other systems activate to help keep the body functioning properly. If these imbalances are not corrected, over time, disease occurs.

Regular massage, body and energy work are preventative and corrective measures that assist you in fostering physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health & well-being. Dimitra Yoga offers a wide-range of modalities to keep you in balance on all four levels.

All Wellness Services are performed at Dimitra Yoga Rehoboth Beach.


Relieve muscle tension, reduce stress and evoke feelings of calmness with a therapeutic massage or bodywork. Bodywork includes all forms of massage techniques and other touch therapies, including Myofascial, cranial sacral, trigger point, carpal tunnel forearm release, head/neck/shoulder focus, auto-accident injury / surgery recovery, pain relief management, reflexology and cupping. Email us for more information or to book a specialized massage.

Thai Yoga Massage

Ancient Thai Yoga Massage is the practice of moving through a sequence of facilitated postures synchronized with the breath. It is an effective way to stretch, massage, relax, and encourage energy flow in the body, practiced fully clothed, on a cushioned mat on the floor. No oil is required.

This modality is often called “lazy man’s yoga” because many of the postures can be facilitated by the practitioner while the client is still passively receiving healing benefits.

Energywork | Reiki

The human body is multidimensional. Our subtle energies directly affect our well-being. Therapies such as reiki, therapeutic touch and qi gong help balance the body’s internal energies and restore complete health.


Increase your wellness, Qi (vital force) and longevity with acupuncture. Very fine needles are inserted painlessly just under the skin and left there to do their work for a few minutes. There are no side effects–most clients feel refreshed, energized, or calm and peaceful after their treatment.

Shamanic Healing

Receive assistance on your path to improve your wellbeing, remain centered in daily life, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, restore your health, live in balance with other people and the environment, protect yourself from negativity, expand your awareness and consciousness, and ultimately live a fulfilling life on the Earth plane. Using shamanic journeying and ceremony on your spiritual path will raise your vibration, and transmute all negativity in your being.

Vortex Healing

Angelic Heart Healing Session

Angelic Heart is a complete transmission within the VortexHealing® lineage, channeling the energy/consciousness of the angelic realm. It is a powerful tool to help bring clarity to personal situations and bring up possible new solutions in one’s life. Angelic energy is also lovely for bringing a feeling of safety while experiencing difficult emotion such as fear, hopelessness, and depression. Your angels might come in to help! The healing continues to unfold for three days. Sessions can be offered in person, at a distance, or in small groups.

$40 per person for 2 person (1 hour) session

$25 per person for 3-7 person (1 hour) session

Puja Blessing

A blessing empowered by Merlin, to bring in energy to impact a specific situation or intention. 30 minutes each.

  • blessing for a new home
  • for a new job
  • for prosperity or abundance
  • bless a relationship or an issue in the relationship
  • bless a wedding or event
  • blessing for health or healing
  • to bring in a quality: surrender, love, peace, etc.

Vortex Divine Energy HealingVortexHealing®

An ancient magical energetic healing art originating in the East. Using solely the power of divine light and consciousness, VortexHealing impacts all aspects of the energy system, including the chakras, energy pathways, subtle bodies and the physical body. VortexHealing transforms the roots of emotional consciousness, releases karmic conditioning, and awakens freedom within the human heart. This is the Merlin lineage. Sessions can be offered in person, at a distance, and in small groups.

Quintessence Healing

Quintessence has roots in ancient alchemy and the healing realm of the Divine Feminine. The body is energetically merged with Gaia’s geothermal spring system for a calming toroidal flush of the energy body, creating space for emotional and spiritual transformation. Sessions may also be assisted by your spirit, elemental, ancestral, and animal guides.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your appointment, you must notify the studio by phone or email (studio@dimitrayoga.com) at least 24 hours  before the start time. Cancellations made 24 hours or more before the appointment time will be charged a cancellation fee of $35. All cancellations less than 24  hours notice will be charged the full rate.

We accept credit cards, checks or cash. If you’re redeeming a gift certificate or studio credit, please do so by phone or in person.

Massage & Bodywork

60 min $90 • 90 min $130 • 120 min $170
(for a massage longer than 2 hours, just call us to book!)

5-pack (60min) @10% off: $405
5-pack (90min) @10% off: $585

10-pack (60min) @20% off: $720
10-pack (90min) @20% off: $1040

90 min $150

ADD ONS  $15 each:

– Aromatherapy Scalp Massage
– Hot Towel Foot Wrap
– Sinus/Headache Massage
– Hot Stone Massage


30 min $45 •  60 min $80 •  90 min $120


45 min $80

Shamanic Healing

60 min $80

2-3 hours $145

3 hours • 2-5 people $200 • 6-10 people $300

30 min $60 • 60 min $125

2-3 hours $145


2-3 hours $145

Vortex Healing

1 hour $40 per person for 2-person session
1 hour $25 per person for 3-7 person session

30 min $50

60 min $90

17437 Ocean One Plaza, Ste 1
Lewes, DE 19958

(302) 645-9100

The studio is next to Below Book Auto Sales off Savannah Rd, right across from Weis.

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