Thinking of trying yoga?

Have questions that are holding you back? You are not alone. Trying something new can often be intimidating, especially when it comes to yoga, and it is normal to have questions and reservations. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions to make you feel more prepared for your first class.

I’m a yoga beginner – which class should I start with?

If you are new to practicing yoga or have concerns about your physical ability,  we recommend starting with Hatha 1 or Yin Yoga classes. Once you feel more confident, you can begin trying some of our other classes.

What should I bring to my first class?

You will need a yoga mat (available for purchase at the studio) and water.  If you have your own yoga props, such as blocks and straps, feel free to bring them; if not, we have props for use at the studio.

What should I wear?

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Many of our students begin class with an extra layer that can easily be removed as they warm up. And since yoga is practiced barefoot, you will leave your shoes at the door.

How often should I practice yoga?

How often do you want to feel good? Practicing once a week can change your mind. Practicing three times a week can change your body. Practicing five times a week can change your life! Take class as often as you’d like. And remember: you can practice yoga in the studio, at home, or anywhere with our virtual classes!

Why yoga (or what are the benefits of yoga)?

The practice of yoga is more than stretching your body and toning your muscles – it helps ease stress, calms your mind and restores your body. Yoga has even been shown to boost your metabolism and lower your risk of chronic diseases.

Can I eat before yoga?

We recommend that you avoid eating for at least two hours prior to attending a class. A light snack of fruit or nuts would be fine. Observe your body to learn how much time you need to digest your food before practice.

Can I do yoga while I am pregnant?

If you are pregnant, check with your doctor or health professional before starting yoga. If you’ve never done yoga before, it’s generally recommended not to start during the first three months of pregnancy, since your body isn’t used to it.

I’m intimidated about practicing in a group class! Is there another, more private way for me to learn yoga?

Yes, absolutely! We offer private yoga sessions which can be one-on-one or in a small group. It’s a really great way to receive more attention from the teacher, have the ability to ask questions mid-practice, and build your yoga practice confidence. Please contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our private yoga sessions.

Can I learn yoga online?

When you begin your yoga practice, it’s best to be in the presence of our instructors to help you avoid mistakes and keep you safe. However, practicing yoga online with our virtual (or recorded) classes is also a great way to practice at your own pace and be part of a supportive community. Both IRL (In Real Life) and Virtual classes (which include a 48 hour recording) are included in all memberships and class packs.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga?

The simple answer is no. If you are not flexible, yoga is a great way to become more flexible. Just be gentle with yourself and take it slow.   Your yoga practice will help you learn to listen to your body, and know when to back off to avoid injury. The props we use in yoga, such as blocks and straps, will help you fit the yoga poses to your body, no matter how flexible you are.

Can I practice yoga if I am overweight?

Yes, you can practice yoga at any weight, size, and fitness level. Your instructor can help you adjust poses and positions to accommodate your body type and shape.

Will yoga conflict with my religion?

Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a mind and body practice. Yoga typically combines physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation and focusing practices of mindfulness and relaxation.

What if I don’t know the names of the yoga poses?

It is not necessary to know the names of the yoga poses.  Sanskrit is the language of yoga; however, your teacher will provide you with instructions on how to move your body into a pose. Observing your fellow students may further reinforce your understanding, and enable you to relax and enjoy your practice! Over time, you will become familiar with many of the pose names, because you will hear them regularly in class.

What if I start to feel ill during class?

If you feel ill during class, you can lie down on your mat or the sofa right outside the classroom. If you require medical assistance, your teacher will notify your Emergency Contact and summon emergency medical support if needed.

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