MOBILITY SERIES: Intro to MFR – IRL + Virtual options!

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Self Myofascial Release is a practice that uses tools to target the fascia within your body.

When applied, we can:

• begin to unwind areas of holding, tension, and stress.
• improve blood flow and circulation.
• improve range of motion and enhance mobility.
• become more relaxed and at ease within the body.

Your body is composed of much more than just muscle and bone. Fascia is an interconnected system within the body that moves from superficial to deep to visceral. It is one, continuous layer of connection that exists in the body from head to toe, front to back, and side to side.

This fascia surrounds your bones and organs. It connects bone to bone and muscle to bone. It surrounds groups of muscles and individual muscles – down to every last muscle spindle. Your fascia plays a huge role in how your body interprets the world around you and in how your body communicates.

Within the last decade, fascia has become an important aspect of research for movement professionals and scientists all over the world. Through the study of fascia, we are learning the important role it plays in our ability to adapt and become resilient as a species.

Come learn how to manipulate and “unglue” your fascia.
Dress in comfortable clothing & be ready to practice with Dimitra!

If you plan to practice Virtually from home, please have 2 tennis balls (or recovery rounds) and 1 block. We will supply them for those attending IRL.


Choose to participate IRL or Virtually:

  • Option 1 – IRL (In Real Life!) at dimitraYOGA, Lewes, located at 17437 Ocean One Plaza, Suite 1. Space is limited, so please enroll early.
  • Option 2 – Virtual via Zoom. In this case, a link will be sent to your email about 30 minutes before class begins each week. You will be able to see and hear our instructor but you will not be able to talk to them during the class. *If this day/ time doesn’t work into your schedule, you can still participate because everyone who signs up for the virtual option will receive a recording of the class, so you can watch it when you have time that day or the next! (each recording automatically deletes after 48 hours) Need more instruction on how to attend via Zoom? Read more here:
✨ All levels welcome!
✨ No prior yoga experience needed.
✨ Open to members and non-members.


$35 per person for Annual + Autopay Members
$40 per person for all others

Led by Dimitra Kotanides, E-RYT 500

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