Enrolling for DY Virtual Classes

    1. Visit our Schedule page or use the Momence App to view our schedule and sign up. Once you register, you will be asked to choose between In-person or Online (virtual via Zoom). After choosing Online, your booking will automatically be generated and you will receive an email with the  Zoom link for that class.

      You can also find the Zoom link directly under your Momence account. From there, you can click on:

      1. Livestream (via mobile app)

      2. Launch Event (from desktop browser)
    2. If you don’t have Zoom on the device (phone, laptop or computer) you will be using live stream for the class. Plan time to download Zoom and create a free account well before class begins.

    3. When the day of your class comes, click the link to join the class. The link will be open about 5-15 minutes before class begins to allow us the space and time to connect with each other and settle in. Gather your props. If you need blocks, straps, bolsters, or MFR balls, we offer them for purchase in the studio.

A few tips…

  • Make sure that you enable the audio portion to your device when it prompts you to do so. During this time, you will hear and see one another, but you may not see the instructor. 
  • Look for the microphone icon and the word MUTE/UNMUTE under it. PLEASE MUTE YOURSELF BEFORE CLASS BEGINS.
  • Next, look for the camera icon and the word SHARE VIDEO/STOP VIDEO under it. This is how you control whether others in the class can see you. We would love to be able to see you during class, but if you prefer not to do so, we understand. 
  • We recommend finding a space in your home that is quiet and set up your mat/props. Creating a sacred space in your home or on the patio can make it easier to devote yourself fully to your practice and avoid being disrupted.
  • For those of you who enjoy music with your practice, you can follow Dimitra YOGA on Spotify for a suggested playlist or create one yourself.

We are here for you if you have any questions or need any help. Please do not privately message or text us, but rather send an email: studio@dimitrayoga.com. Stay well, and “see” you on your mat!

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